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On a sparse stretch of East Hastings Street in Vancouver, an unmarked storefront with psychedelic paintings and drug war propaganda posters stands out. Inside, Dana Larsen, 52, sells psilocybin mushrooms and other legal drugs like peyote, kratom (an herb from Southeast Asia) and Bolivian coca leaf. There are also a few bottles of mushroom-infused drinks, including relaxing options like chamomile lavender tea and green tea honey.

The euphoric SERO buzz and intense sensory hallucinogenic effects of the mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis, are reminiscent of what users experienced with cannabis before it was legalized. A growing number of brick-and-mortar stores with names such as Fun Guyz or Shroomyz have opened across Canada over the past year, though the drugs remain illegal to possess and sell in large quantities, unless you’re in a medical facility with a doctor’s prescription.

The Science Behind Organic Shrooms: Benefits and Effects

A new law coming into effect this month will allow people near the end of life to receive a prescription for psilocybin from health practitioners. But the influx of legal access to psychedelics isn’t enough to stop illegal stores such as Larsen’s from selling them openly.

I went to see Larsen at his shop in early January, where he stood behind a counter covered in mushroom strains like Penis Envy and Daddy Long Legs. The prices vary, depending on the size and type of mushroom and its place of origin, but they all cost about $10 a gram. The gummies, drinks and other edibles are slightly more expensive but are more convenient to consume on the go.

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