Technology firsts.

Hey folks! Hope you are all doing well!

So in today’s blog entry I thought I would mix things up a little bit and talk about my first experiences of using technology. When I was younger my first mobile phone was a Motorola. It was a silver and black flip phone and I remember it costing a lot of money at the time. I absolutely loved it I can distinctly remember getting it out in class at school and wanting to show it off to everyone only to find out from a class ‘mate’ that flip phones were not the rage anymore. This was a common occurrence in my youth, always being a little bit behind the times and embarrassing myself in front of the popular cool kids. I guess that’s the reason why now I am so obsessed with new technologies and always want to be on top of the latest trends and innovations.

Anyway, I diverse. My next experience was getting a computer, my Dad purchased one for the house. You know the ones…off white, big, heavy and so slow. At the time though you felt privileged to have one and were prepared to wait for 10 minutes whilst it loaded and for the constant crashing. Oh Jesus, the crashing?! How did we ever have the patience to deal with that. Now days we can’t wait a second for anything without losing our heads. Playing PC games is my biggest memory here. I had a Muppets game that I absolutely loved! It was all pretty basic but I was so happy and proud that I had it. Oh and Worms! Throwing bombs at each other. And then of course there was Mortal Combat. Me and my brothers spent hours playing this! It’s funny how things change…