Segway x2 SE


So hands up who thought that the Segway was dead in the water and nobody gave a sh*t about it anymore? I was one of them too, don’t worry. We were like many other people! They crashed and burned in the early 00s and have only really seen popularity with airport workers and tour guides.


That is until the Segway x2 SE came about. It kind of looks like what kind of Segway the SAS or Delta Force would have if they rode Segways, but of course they don’t, that would be silly. I think that the bad guys might have the upper hand! Anyway enough with the hilarity and back to the serious stuff.


The new Segway is much more responsive than previous models and the steering is much more effective also. It can actually respond to the users’ centre of gravity; how cool is that??? It’s got some chunky-ass wheels on it too, with more power, so you can go over more terrain than just a pavement or sidewalk. They’ll be scaling mountains on these bad boys soon!


The machine itself weighs less than 100 pounds and is nearly 4.5 inches above the ground, giving you a fair distance of coverage for those rocky and grassy areas. There are two batteries that only take around six hours to charge fully, so it would be fairly easy to charge between journeys.


Top speed is a little shy of 13mph, and if you choose to go over that grassy terrain the battery life should last for around 12 miles. So make sure you know where you are going or you’ll have to lump that piece of machinery back home.


Overall the build quality on the machine is said to be exceptional and is without doubt by far the best Segway that the company has ever made. With that said though, and the fact it comes with a $7000 price tag, I still don’t think they’re gonna be as important as the Internet (honestly, someone actually said that!). If you’re keen to know more about the Segway then check out this page I found that has more information on Segway’s than any other; Segway For Sale, got loads of Segway related stuff on there, go check it out!