Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard

Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard Review


Hey guys, I would like to welcome everyone back to another review on my computer and electronic blog. Today I would like to talk you about a Razer product, the Razer Anansi MMO Gaming keyboard. I recently found one online for way cheaper than in store and luckily for you guys I have the website I got it from right here www.for-sale.co.uk. This can be quite an expensive keyboard to get in stores so if you can find a deal online and play MMO games, definitely try it out.


Background Info

For those of you who don’t know much about african mythology, Anansi was a trickster god who took a spider like form. He was kind of like the Norse god Loki but with 8 legs and sharper teeth. Razer took the mythological name for it’s fan-dangled new MMO keyboard, but the deception really stops there. It is in fact one of the most straightforward- comfortable to use keyboards or even peripherals I have ever used for gaming, and for an MMO keyboard it is absolutely stunning. The instore price for the Ansani may chase some people away at $100 but you can find some good deals on it online and when you do it’s not much more than a standard gaming keyboard but can make the difference especially for beginning players. Plus it’s a non mechanical keyboard so not nearly as much noise.


Anansi the Spider



The Specs

The Anansi comes in with a decent size, not too bulky but still big enough to not cramp your hands immediately At 20.2 x 7.5 inches the keyboard can fit perfectly on most battlestations or even a workstation for that matter. The whole keyboard has customizable backlighting and keylighting, meaning that Razer still keep their teenage boy demographic that they love so much but I can also customize the colors to match the heads up display in my favourite computer game, Elite. You can choose any color on the spectrum, and the bright LEDs do give it a really nice shine although the brights can sometimes get washed away.


Razer Anansi



The Keys

The most important part of a keyboard is its keys. A keyboard can live or die by how well its keys function together. With that in mind, the Anansi is going to make like James Bond and die another day. In addition to all the normal keys you expect on a keyboard, the Anansi has a total of 12 macro keys; 5 of them on the left side of the board and 7 thumb keys located directly below the spacebar. The very first thing I noticed while using the keyboard was how comfortable the keys were. They are fairly resistant keys, and even though they don’t have the clicks and clacks of a mechanical keyboard with the 4-mm key travel distance I had no problems getting my words jumbled( I do that just fine on my own thank you). I wouldn’t expect it to make you a better typist though, I did the Ten Thumbs typing test and scored much lower than with my typical Dell keyboard.


The Macros

The macro keys on the Anansi are incredibly useful, the record button is located right next to the function button, whereas other keyboards have it all the way on the other side which is completely impractical. This makes it very easy to record and change your macros on the fly or in the heat of battle. I don't really understand the thumb macros as I have never encountered something like them before. They are automatically assigned to basic function like shift, alt, and control meaning that you can just hit these with a flick of your thumb. This was all designed on the assumption that gamers would rather move their thumb than overtax their pinky and for me at least it is true.


Razer Synapse 2.0


The Features

The software you will need for the Anansi is Razer Synapse 2.0, a fairly advanced piece of technology on its own. WIth Synapse 2.0, you can modify the backlighting and keylighting, change and record macros and disable certain keys from working while you are in ‘Gaming Mode’. There is also a built in gamer profile feature, meaning that you can link how you like the keyboard for certain games to those games and even further to individual character. This means you can have separate macros for when you play as a tank or a mage or a hunter. You can also use this function to make the keyboard more useful in non-MMO games, especially survival and building type games. I tried to play a couple of my favourite survival games, and not having to move my hand across the keyboard to access something as simple as food can be a hassle, but that's where the thumb macros come in handy again. And with Synapse there is no need to change the macros, only the profile. Over all I think I will be using this for a very long time.