Portable USB Chargers

Working in the mobile industry people ask me about the fact that phones get better every year but the batteries always seem to last the same amount of time, if not worse. It’s a part of life now that you have to charge your phone every evening, and if you don’t then it is a nightmare when you realise the next morning ready for your long commute to work. That is why USB portable chargers are a god-send and fortunately they are getting much better to compensate for those poor smartphone batteries.


Here is a quick guide and a point in the direction of some of the best that are available at the moment.


The Zendure A2 is great because it mixes great power with a very decent price. You will get a lot of charge once powered fully and the days of long commutes without 3G are long gone.


Xiaomi also make a very good power bank indeed, and it’s a lot cheaper than the Zendure. It is extremely portable and packs a lot of power, what you would expect from 10,000mAh.


If you are looking for a power bank that is a bit more expensive and something you will be able charge new MacBooks on, then take a look at the Maximas XTRON. It has both USB and USB-C so it is a very versatile charger indeed.


Another bank for the people with a larger budget is the Zendure A8 Pro. You get a lot of snazzy features, such as pass-through charging and a very sexy LCD panel. There are also biiiig amounts of charging power inside. All things considered it is still very good value for money.