iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Ok so today is going to be a bit of a longer entry about a mobile phone that was released a few years back but still holds strong today and is a great (now) budget handset. I am talking about the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 was released in 2012 and was the successor to the popular iPhone 4S, which was seen as quite a leap from the iPhone 4. The obvious (kind of) difference from the previous model was that this phone was now taller and leaner. The phone had gone from a 3.5” to a 4” display. This meant more space for apps and the icons on the screen, which was all very good and needed.




Another change was the charging connector, it was now much smaller. This was good in theory but meant that previous owners would have to buy extra connectors and any devices with an iPhone dock would now be rendered a little but useless. Apple do love to bring things out that have “evolved” which basically means people have to shell out the odd extra $20 or $30 for something that really should be free. Anyway. That is by far and away the biggest gripe that was to be had with the phone. The iPhone 5 also saw the introduction of the nano-SIM, so that any previous SIM cards would now not work in this phone.


A slight improvement from the 4S was the battery. As far as standard talk-time went it was pretty similar, but the small changes came in the way of web browsing, with a two hour increase over 3G and a single hour increase over WiFi.

The iPhone 5’s standby time was also increased, up 25 hours on the 4S, although this was still way under the 300 hours that Apple claimed the iPhone 4 could achieve.


There was also the first signs of the 4G technology appearing in a smartphone, LTE.


The phones were not cheap, with phone only 64GB models costing a whopping $850! Thankfully they are much, much cheaper today.

A6 Chipset


We are talking about a phone though that was the best on the market when it was released. It was not perfect by any means but it was a completely re-designed phone from the 4S and Apple had the market leader, at least for a short while. It was a lot lighter than the 4S and was as mentioned before, taller and leaner. The phone now boasted an A6 chip; this was a 1.3GHz dual-core bad boy that was complemented by 1GB of RAM. Camera-wise is a great 8MP iSight cam, with the front facing lens being 1.2MP. The specs were not too different from the 4S but the phone could take photos much faster.


Better Display


Display packed 1136 x 640 pixels, and the Retina Display hardware meant that once you had looked at photos or videos in this phone, you could easily see the difference from the 4S and many phones that were considered competitors.


iOS 6 was introduced and the phone is still fully functional up to the latest iOS releases at the present time. I can vouch for the fact as well that the phone handles the software very well indeed. It is a little slower than it used to be but this is a phone that is now over three years old, so you have to expect a bit of lag when you consider how fast the iPhone 6S is.


If you would like to read a more detailed review then check out the CNET review here, they go into great depth and is a very enjoyable read by guys that know a lot about phones. It’s an extensive read and will give you everything you need to know with an unbiased outlook.


Buying an iPhone 5 today


In short, the iPhone 5 is still a very good phone even by today’s standards and of course there is still a market for them if you are looking to buy one. Obviously they are not made any more but with a bit of searching you can find very good examples that have been looked after or barely used. With just a very quick search, I found lots of iPhone 5 here; http://www.used.forsale/iphone-5 and on that site you can get links to many other sites on the web, saving a bit of the hassle of trawling numerous platforms. So if you are looking for a decent budget phone that still packs a bit of a punch, then go find yourself a second-hand iPhone 5. Great specs with great software, you can’t get better than that.