Ever since I saw Back to the Future II, I’ve been obsessed with hover-boards. The way Marty McFly effortlessly avoids the clumsy Biff Tannen and his cronies is one of the most inspiring and comedic scenes in the movies. I guess humans have been dreaming about flight since they first saw the birds above them in the sky. There has always been a mystical element to it, with ancient shamans predicting what would happen based on the flight patterns of birds. There are many stories where humans get imbued with the power of flight – Icarus and his brush with the sun springs to mind. These dreams and myths have led us to the point where humans can soar through the sky with the aid of machines.

Unfortunately, to fly you need to be surrounded by a vast array of machinery and spend a great deal of money. We are a great distance away from cheap hover-boards being scooted around the cities with gangs of young kids pulling tricks with their friends. There are attempts to make this a reality though with many different approaches to the problem. Some people have attempted to harness the power of magnetism but this has limited us with special tracks having to be constructed to make it work. There is also a real lack of control on the board. Other people call these Segway-like wheeled devices hover-boards. Call me old fashioned but I think that hover-boards should not touch the ground.