Help with buying DJ Turntables

Help with buying DJ Turntables

Alright guys, I’m back for the next post. I hope you’ve found my articles so far helpful or at least a little interesting. I’ve been pretty much focusing on mobiles until now as I’m in the industry so it’s an area I’m very familiar with and have a keen interest in.

I used to love spinning the decks

One of my hobbies if you like, that I haven’t yet mentioned, is doing a bit of mixing on the decks. I’ve never really made any money from it as I’ve never played a set in a club but back in my younger days when we were going out most weekends and raving until the early hours, it was all about dance tunes so I got a set of decks and we’d play around on them for a bit of fun. I like a lot of different music so don’t ask me what my favourite genre full stop is but I do think that for certain situations, there is always a best kind of sound that you want. When it was going out and getting trashed with your friends at a club then trance style dance music was the way to go. If you’re in a restaurant, then some easy listening instrumental music maybe and if your chilling in a bar chatting away then a bit of bluesy jazz is nice. Anyway, you get my drift and sorry if I veered-off a little.

Looking for my old Numark’s

Right, back to turntables. The post was basically started to see if I could get some advice on a good set of turntables to buy. My old turntables that we had played on back in the clubbing days had since been lent to a pal as he needed them for a gig he was doing. Like most things that you lend out to friends, you never see them again. They’d kind of ended up in a corner anyway behind a few things so I didn’t miss them too much. I have however in the last few years been toying with the idea of getting another set of turntables. I’ve still got the mixer and a few other bits which will probably be ok for a basic setup initially but I just need to find some turntables. Out of curiosity and nostalgia I suppose, I’d been trying to find a set of turntables which were the same make and model as my old ones. I actually came across a decent second-hand site with used turntables for sale and managed to find the same exact one that I used to have but decided in the end not to go for them and get something a little newer. Not sure I can go brand new but these were pretty old and outdated, albeit damn cheap.

Trying to find turntables within my budget

My old turntables were Numark so I’ve been checking out their website to see how much things have changed since I used to do a bit of spinning. Jeeze! There is some nice kit these days but it’s all coming in a little expensive compared to what I’d imagined I’d be paying. As I’m only just coming back on the scene, I haven’t really got too much of an idea what I should be looking for and which brands are affordable but offer a good DJ’ing experience. I’d been reading that Pro-Ject Elemental are decent turntables if you want something cheap at under $300 per turntable and easy to setup. They also do a more expensive model which may be pushing my budget though at $600 dollars per turntable. The Rega and Clearmark brands look pretty sweet but they definitely seem to be out of my price range.

Any help would be appreciated

I might go-ahead and buy some second-hand ones from the site I’ve found but could do with a recommendation if possible on which models to look out for. I ain’t going to be affording some spanking new ones I doubt any time soon but I’d appreciate suggestions on some that are a few years old or so but still worth buying. There were some really good turntables 10 or 15 years ago if you paid enough cash so there must be some from the last 5 years that have come down in price but are still mint to use.

Let me know, I’ll be checking my blog regularly over the next few days for comments. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.