GoPro Action Camera

Hi everybody and welcome back to the blog! I’ve been on holiday for few weeks which is why it hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I’ll make up for that with a long blog post today which you’re all sure to enjoy! It’s about a product that I am extremely passionate and excited about, and i believe many of you, the readers, will be too. Onwards!

Good things come in small packages!

This couldn’t be more true a statement when it comes to the subject of this post! I’m talking about the phenomenon which is the GoPro action camera range! What a product!? Founded in the United States of america in 2002 by Nick Woodman, having been inspired by an inability to capture professional standard surfing imagery with amateur equipment. The original camera, believe it or not, used 35mm film(!) with digital technology being introduced at a later date.

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GoPro Action Cameras

GoPro action cameras are so versatile and adaptable! They can be mounted to almost anything. Whether that be the handlebars of a mountain bike, the front of surf, snow or skate board, the inside of an aeroplane cockpit, the dashboard of a racing car, or the head of somebody doing a bungee jump! Wherever the most extreme action is taking place, the GoPro is capable capturing it in both still and moving form!

The GoPro is currently in its 4th incarnation in the form of the GoPro Hero 4. It is capable of capturing 4K Ultra HD video at 240 frames per second and delivers higher quality than all of it’s predecessors. You can find out more about GoPro and get third party opinions and recommendations at this Facebook Page which I highly recommend!

I personally have the GoPro Hero basic which is a cut down, reduced quality version of their flagship model. It has less bells and whistles but is much cheaper as a result. It serve my purposes admirably.

The GoPro Hero 5 release date should hopefully be announced later this year. It will be exciting to find out what technological advances they will include in the next model. I’m sure they will make our eyes pop!

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GoPro Accessories

GoPro also offer a vast range of accessories to compliment and mount their various cameras. I’ll talk you through just a few of the things that they offer which I feel are essential to making sure you get the most out of your GoPro!

Chest Mount - This is an essential piece of kit for all those wishing to capture true Point Of View (POV) footage of their sport or activity. It is easy to fit and use and supports the camera perfectly. It also allows you to easily operate the camera whilst remaining hands free for the most part!

Head Mount -As above, but allows you to capture footage of exactly what you, the user, are seeing at the time. Wherever your eyes and head turn, the GoPro follows.

Adhesive Mounts - These come as part of a standard goPro camera kit in both flat and curved form. It’s always handy to source a few spares though, in my opinion, as they are for one time use only. You can use them to stick your GoPro to just about any surface, ensuring that you capture your footage from any angle you choose.

Suction Cups - Perfect for attaching your GoPro to glass based surfaces such as the windscreen of a car or aeroplane cockpit. These allow you to easily attach and detach the camera without damaging the surface of the glass.

Micro SD Memory Cards - As the Gopro files are such a large size and and are captured at a high resolution and frame rate, you should ensure that your memory cards are capable of handling this scale of data transfer. A 64gb SD card is smallest recommended and it is best to own a spare as a backup.


Buying a GoPro

You can find the GoPro for sale on all the major consumer websites but I think there is a lot of merit in looking at the used and second-hand market. The original GoPro, GoPro Hero 2 and GoPro Hero 3 (and in some cases even the gopro Hero 4) can be found for sale on the various classified ads and auction websites at extremely reasonable prices. For the cost of a brand new camera, you could potentially purchase two or even three second hand GoPros. And the good news is that they retain their quality and functionality and tend not to deteriorate over time, excellent news for the second hand bargain hunter! I personally would check out this website if you are living in the United States of America: info:

If you live outside of the USA, you should check the equivalent website for your country!

I hope you have found this informative! Happy shooting!