Google Search Easter Eggs

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I bet that everyone one of use here has used Google. It has become more popular around the world than Starbucks, and for good reason. The programmers over at Google have hit a gold mine with their search algorithm that has allowed them to go from a simple search engine to one of the biggest companies on the internet. These programmers are not only great at thier job, but they have a pretty neat sense of humor. For years there have been great easter eggs hidden in Google’s searches, and today we are highlighting some of the best.


Atari Breakout

Themed after the popular Atari video game, Google image searching ‘Atari Breakout’ will bring up a fun, but occasionally buggy, game of Atari Breakout. The game is especially cool as it used the image results to make the game, shading them the traditional block colors of the 1972 hit game. Clearing the level will bring up a second level of a random image search.

Atari Breakout


Super Mario Bros.

Only 90’s kids will get this! Just kidding, Mario has touched generations, and not in the bad way. Now you can get a little bit of Mario Bros. nostalgia by typing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ in Google Search. If you look at the information box that appears on the right of the screen you will notice a familiar question mark box that can be clicked on. Click on the box and you will be rewarded with a familiar tune and a coins. So go ahead, score some points.


Blink HTML

A much more simple one, simply type ‘Blink HTML’ into Google’s search bar and the words ‘Blink’ and ‘HTML’ will start to blink all over the page, even in results that have nothing to do with coding and programming such as the book or movie ‘Blink’.