Gold PS4 Sim Leaked

Hey everyone, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. This is my computers and entertainment blog, and today I have some juicy rumors to talk about with you all. Remember a couple years ago when the first PS4 launched? It had this two toned finish that looked pretty nice, but every time a new color scheme arrived on a special edition console the original looked more and more boring. The when the PS4 slim came out, and it had a nice matte black finish. Since September 15th of last year when the 500GB version was released, that has been the only option. According to a post from a user on Reddit last week however, there is set to be a shiny new PS4 slim released on June 9th. 

Reddit user Sliye (who works in an Target store) posted a picture on the social media website of a new gold PS4 slim that even has a 1TB hard drive, best of all retailing at $249. This is great as it shows that Sony is staying with their decision to not charge more for upgraded storage after releasing the console with only 500GB of storage space. More people are choosing to download a digital copy of games these days instead of buying a physical disk, so more storage is always accepted. Physical disks are even requiring multiple gigabytes of space to install themselves on, meaning a larger drive is always better. 

Gold might not be the most appealing color to everyone, se hopefully we see Sony release some more color schemes in the near future. With a bunch of holidays coming up within the next six months, maybe Sony will take advantage of that. With that, we can also wonder if the PS4 Pro will be getting some more color choices soon.

Gold PS4 Slim